TQ Minimum Standards

All of our used vehicles are inspected and prepared to our uncompromising Top Quality standards, by fully qualified technicians using our 100-point check list.

Every car has at least 6 months before its MOT is due, from the time of preparation and all receive an thorough mechanical inspection.

TQ Tech-Check

Comprehensive mechanical and electrical inspections are carried out by our qualified technicians utilising the latest diagnostic equipment to our meticulous standards which ensures that you are guaranteed a hassle-free, ‘Top Quality’ vehicle.

TQ Provenance

To ensure the vehicle has no outstanding finance and isn’t stolen or written off, we carry out extensive vehicle background checks including the history and mileage prior to sale.


Our vehicles all undergo a final quality control inspection to ensure that we are 100% confident with the quality and condition of the vehicle before the ‘TQ500” branding can be applied.

TQ Aesthetics

We thoroughly inspect all our cars for scratches, scuffs, dents, or damage on the bodywork, glass and wheels prior to sale. Inside the car we’ll check all seat upholstery, carpets, headlining and trims.


We will identify any minor imperfections that are deemed acceptable and repair any others through our appointed SMART repair technicians who are all qualified and utilise the latest cosmetic repair technology.

TQ Detailing

In line with the standards you would expect from TQ500, all vehicles are professionally valeted inside and out prior to collection or delivery.

TQ Ongoing Protection

Whilst all our cars are presented to our Top Quality standards, there is always an opportunity to seal in the shine and lustre by applying the market leading GardX paint and fabric protection which will protect the exterior of your vehicle whilst retaining that glossy ‘showroom shine’ wash-after-wash as well as your vehicle’s fabric or leather interior.

TQ Styling

We can help you personalise your TQ500 to your own specific taste. We have a range of enhancement products available, all of which can be installed prior to collection or delivery. Some examples of the modifications available to you can be seen on our own TQstyled  500’s